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Turn Key Retaining Wall SolutionsGet a turn-key retaining wall solution or forget about having a retaining wall at all. Our solution is an all-in-one package- the wall and the other systems needed for it. What you see on the surface is apparently not just what makes up the entire system. There must be a way to channel the water away from your California home, there must be a waterproofing solution, and there must be a way to make the whole system durable and stable.

The Purpose of Retaining Walls

As the name implies, a retaining wall is created to retain something- and this something is the soil. The basic purpose of this special wall is to keep the earth from sliding down, causing a messy landslide. Besides controlling potential mess, this wall is also important to ensure the safety of the outdoors while adding an overall aesthetic appeal. The wall is usually made out of durable stones, bricks, and blocks that are also visually pleasing.

On top of that, building a retaining wall allows creating new outdoor areas like a spot for planting small trees, a bed of flowers, or a view deck. But, the wall must be constructed along with other elements that are essential for its safe existence. That's when the turn-key retaining wall solutions come into the scene.

The Turn-Key Retaining Wall Solutions

So, what is included in our turn-key retaining wall solutions? E. Rosen Construction Inc. will ensure that the retaining wall will not just be any retaining wall but a complete solution for the receding soil. Here are the services included in the package:

Turn-Key Retaining Wall Solutions
  • Concrete V-Ditches. The ditch is one way to channel the water away from the ground level. But what makes the concrete V-ditch unique is that it is made of concrete and in V-shape. Well not really in the shape of V. It has two slanted sides and a wide bottom, usually from two to 14 feet.

  • Waterproofing. The primary aim of this service is to make the retaining wall waterproof. This means that the wall must have a barrier that will keep water from destroying the entire durable surface. We do this by applying waterproof elements like liquid rubber, protection board, termite matt, and small stones.

  • Backfill. The retaining wall is built a few inches away from the earth. That is why backfilling is necessary in the turn-key retaining wall solutions. This process will prevent the collapse of the underlying structure. Otherwise, pressure from the sliding soil might prematurely damage the wall.

  • Subdrains. These are composed of big pipes that channel the water away from the ground surface. With this, the water will be put in its rightful spot and that's not anywhere within the landscape area.

  • Drainage Devices. Besides the subdrain, our turn-key retaining wall solutions also include other drainage devices. Our goal is to create the perfect drainage system. Subdrain is great, but it might not be the best choice for your soil. Don't worry because there are more choices out of the box and we can use the other drainage devices for this purpose.

E. Rosen Construction recommends that every retaining wall must be complete with these features to serve its primary purpose. There is no sense in having a wall that is aesthetically appealing for your California home if it will never use our reliable turn-key retaining wall solutions.

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