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Wall ConstructionWall construction should not just be any construction project. Unlike the more common wall construction, the walls that E. Rosen Construction, Inc. provides are made of durable masonry materials. Here are just a few of the different wall systems that our team can build:

Wall Construction Proto II Wall System: Proto II Wall System is a patented and engineered wall construction that uses post-tensioning instead of grout and rebar.

On the outside, this system produces a uniform surface because it allows the use of the same materials to cover what is really doing the hard work—a system of steel support. There is a steel tension rod, steel bearing plate, a high-grade nut, and the direct Tension Indicator washer in every system. The effect is a more uniform surface that is also more durable.

Conventional Free Standing Walls: No need to go for an expensive wall construction if the purpose is to divide a room into two or more functional areas. The conventional free-standing wall will be perfect. It will not fully cover an area but instead leave spaces on top for better insulation.

Retaining Walls: Building retaining walls is usually a part of a landscaping project. But sometimes, it is a necessary part of keeping the outdoors safe for driving, walking, and planting. Retaining walls are built to hold back soil that will otherwise slide down. Masonry is very important for this to ensure that the wall construction will create a stable support for the soil.

Keystone Retaining Walls: The keystone retaining wall uses concrete segmental blocks, which are secured using fiberglass pins. The result is a strong, durable, and stable wall construction that is also aesthetically appealing. Aside from being a good retaining wall, the keystone system is also used for run-off channels, shore protections, rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, sea walls, highways, overpasses, and bridges.

Garden Walls: Serious horticulturists know that garden walls are essential for growing plants. These provide protection against sudden changes in temperature. Special walls like those built with stones and bricks can provide a better temperature for raising highly sensitive plants. This wall construction is also expected to keep animals and human intruders away.

Property Line Walls: Garden walls are often used as property line walls at the same time. In this case, you should think beyond aesthetics and function. The local California laws must also be considered. Our company has completed a lot of wall construction projects since 2003. We already built property line walls in the Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills and other areas in California.

Structural Poured-in-Place Walls: Wall construction is a messy project but we make sure to leave your place better than it used to be. One way to lessen the mess and even the expenses is to use poured-in-place walls. This is made of concrete, which is mixed before delivering to the area for pouring. If you want faster construction, smooth and consistent finish, this is the best choice. This is also more durable compared to other methods of wall construction.

If you need any of these wall construction services, just contact E. Rosen Construction, Inc. Aside from using the highest quality materials, we also have the appropriate tools and equipment to do the job. We got all the needed supplies and the high-skilled professionals to ensure that every wall construction project is finished with utmost quality.
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