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Natural & Culture Stone

Natural & Culture Stone Both natural stone and cultured stone are popular for building and decorating purposes in California. In fact, these two stone materials are widely used by Californian builders for many years already because of their functionality and beauty. Essentially, these two stone materials powerfully add texture as decorative materials while giving an impression of strength to structures at the same time.

Natural Stone vs. Cultured Stone

Both the natural stone and cultured stone can create a warm feeling, especially when they are added as interior fixtures like surfaces, countertops, and fireplaces. However, you have to understand that you can't use natural stone and cultured stone interchangeably all the time. These two have different characteristics and therefore with different uses.

Natural stone is characterized to have a heavyweight, which makes it difficult to be used for vertical applications. But natural stones are perfect for walkways, driveways, decks and other similar applications. On the other hand, cultured stone is made up of lighter composites; hence, this is easier to be affixed as a decorative fa├žade particularly on wood frame structures. And even though cultured stone is lighter in weight, this still possesses a hard-stone-like surface.

Advantages of Natural Stone and Cultured Stone

You may see below the advantages of natural and cultured stone in different aspects of their uses:

  • Decorative materials: The use of either natural or cultured stone as a decorative material creates an elegant appearance. For instance, a stone fireplace gives an interior a modern appeal and an attractive visual effect that you would like to have in your own place.

  • Custom shapes. Both natural and cultured stones can come in various shapes. However, shaping a natural stone requires the skill of a mason to achieve the desired curves and outlines from it. Meanwhile, cultured stone can be designed by manufacturers to come in consistent curves and outlines as this is made in a mold.

  • Cost. Because natural stone requires a more extensive physical labor, this also costs higher as compared to cultured stone. Moreover, natural stone weighs heavier than cultured stone which makes it more expensive to be shipped. So if you have a limited budget, getting a cultured stone is more practical especially since its weight will also save you from the costs of affixing foundation and support.

  • Consistency. Cultured stone can be expected to possess more consistency as compared to natural stone in terms of color and shape as this is an engineered and manufactured product. Because of the consistent looks it gives, this is very ideal to be used in interior fixtures.

Both the natural stone and cultured stone have their best uses. Specifically, cultured stone is best to be used on a wall at the rear of a free-standing stove or fireplace facings. This is also ideal to be installed in outdoor living spaces like on-wall areas close to swimming pools.

When paving patios or pathways, however, natural stone is more ideal to be used. Natural stone is generally used for landscaping purposes as it is great for covering the ground and creating a very pleasing sight to the eyes. This can also be installed on driveways, benches, and steps.

For your natural or cultured stone installations, you can trust our company to do it for you. E. Rosen Construction, Inc. specializes in masonry works like the installation of natural and cultured stone- be it on your home or on your commercial building.
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