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Humans have been using columns as early as 5,000 years ago. These building elements are regarded as the strongest. They should be and that's proven with the column relics from ancient empires that have survived until these days. Columns are not anymore just the foundation of a building. Today, they add an elegant aura to any space. That is especially true if the columns are made out of masonry works.


Structural Columns

Columns were not invented for aesthetics. They were made out of need — the need to support heavy beams, roofs, and slabs of the next floor. That is why more than the elaborative decoration, they are pressured to be durable enough to carry the heavy burden. On the surface, columns are seen as long, hard structures that are usually made of concrete, stones, bricks, tiles, fiberglass, and even wood. But the secret to their strength is on the inside. They use heavy-duty steel bars that are almost impossible to break, even by the strongest quake. There are steel bars even in the base and the capital, which bear most of the weight.

Architectural Columns

Sure, columns should be extra-strong, durable, and dependable. But isn't it a great bonus if they can be beautiful, too? That's what architectural columns are made for. Structural columns are sometimes hidden behind the walls.

The most common decorative columns are the simplest Doric and Tuscan. They have a round, smooth shafts with vertical cylinders for the base and capital. Ionic columns are a little more decorative. They have a simple shaft but they have complex capital and base. Corinthian columns have a simple texture for the shaft's surface and got more complex decoration for the capital and base like flowers, animals, and other Victorian-inspired patterns.

The design possibility with columns is unlimited. The important thing is that the base and capital are wider than the shaft and that the shaft is big enough to support the building. As long as the column follows these important orders, then they can be anything — from elongated nymph statues to sculpted stones.

But sometimes, the columns do not have to follow orders as long as they don't play a critical role in the building's foundation. These columns are made for decorative purposes alone and nothing more than that.

Finest Columns in California

Making architectural columns that are for decorative purposes is super easy. You can actually buy some in the nearest home improvement stores. But combining structure and architectural columns in one piece can be very tricky. Only high-skilled and impressively creative professionals can get the job done. E. Rosen Construction, Inc. is among the very few companies in California that can combine fashion and function in one column.

Our team has been providing the best masonry works for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, and other cities of California since 2003. We don't complete our projects like how most of the other guys do. We use the best materials and employ the best people. Our work is not simply about construction but masonry works with added craftsmanship. Every project that we do is a testament to what high-quality materials and high-skilled professionals can do.
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