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Additional Services

We are dedicated to providing our clients with superb customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we expand the services we offer to ensure that the needs of our clients are supplemented with innovative solutions. We believe that through these additional services, we can serve more satisfied clients in California.

Additional Services

Precast Installations for Wall Cap, Fireplace Surrounds, Columns

Precast wall cap, fireplace surround, and columns are all intended to enhance the attractiveness of your place. Our offered precast wall cap installations enhance the beauty of any type of wall and add protection to it. Similarly, our precast fireplace surrounds will provide your home with a more luxurious look. Our precast columns are engineered to give support and beauty to any structure in your home or building.

Entry Features and Fountains

Do you want your company to have eye-catching entry features just like the other companies in California? We can help you have it. We build impressive entry features that will give you the pride to introduce your company in a very professional manner. The features we offer are custom designed to suit your needs and likings.

We also build attractive water fountains. We have professional engineers and a skilled team who can work on simple up to complex fountain designs. We only rely on quality materials so every entry feature or fountain is not just a work of art but also a durable masonry work.


Some soils are not strong enough to safely transfer the load of a structure. This is when the use of a deep foundation is necessary. In this case, caissons and piles perform an essential role by transferring loads to gravel, soil stratum, or bedrock, which is stronger as compared to the soils near the surface. We can form caissons and piles to the structure you are building anywhere in California to achieve balance in its structural loads.

Brick/Stone Veneer

Brick and stone veneer is widely used to bring in beauty, warmth, and prestige in a structure. We can help you create stunning interiors and exteriors by adding either brick or stone veneer to your place at a reasonable cost.

Steel Fabrication

Are you looking for a quality provider of steel fabrication in California? If so, you have come to the right place. We offer quality steel fabrication for different project types such as residential construction, commercial building, architectural steel, architectural and commercial stairs, gates, railings, and canopies.


For homeowners who want to enhance the beauty and elegance of their home can apply stucco. Stucco is generally recognized as a material with a versatile material that can give several benefits to a structure. Aside from enhancing a structure's beauty, stucco can also make a structure firm and durable. Stucco is also capable of providing reliable protection to a building as it is both waterproof and fireproof. Mold and mildew cannot knock it off as well.

Additional Services

Entry Monuments

Give your place a dramatic look by adding an entry monument to it. We can install this on your pavement or patios and even on an unfinished facade like sod and soil.

You can always trust that E. Rosen Construction Inc. can bring what you exactly want as we are committed to achieving high standards of service to our clients with full integrity. Clients from Westlake Village up to Santa Barbara are assured that our company can provide them with these additional services.
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