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Construction Services, Westlake Village, CA Since its inception over 13 years ago, E. Rosen Construction, Inc. has created a solid financial foundation. This stability and durability allow us to own and run a state-of-the-art excavation and material handling equipment fleet. Our Operators get extensive training and education on specialized equipment and are monitored by our Equipment and Safety Management Team. This crucial component contributes to a safer, lower-risk work environment for our clients. We are devoted to offering the most outstanding quality masonry products, craftsmanship, service, and solutions in business and residential construction while fostering high success within our growth-oriented workforce. We have established a solid and acknowledged position in the American masonry business throughout the years. Our success is based on the philosophy of using only the most highly trained workforce, procedures, and materials to give our clients the best value in the market. We are particularly well-versed in the following services:

Wall Construction

You must not take wall construction lightly. In contrast to more conventional wall building, the walls provided by us are constructed using durable masonry materials. The following are just a handful of the wall systems that our crew can build. The Proto II Wall System is a trademarked and engineered wall building method that forgoes grout and rebar favor post-tensioning. Conventional Self-supporting walls separating a space into two or more system elements is ideal where added support is necessary. Retaining walls are used to keep dirt from sliding down. Masonry is critical in this process because it ensures that the wall structure provides a sturdy base for the soil. Additionally, we construct keystone retaining walls, garden walls, boundary walls, and structural in-place walls. We have all the necessary materials and highly qualified specialists to complete each wall-building job to the highest standard of excellence. Read More About Wall Construction »

Turnkey Retaining Wall Solutions

Our comprehensive retaining wall solution includes the wall and all associated systems. What is visible to the naked eye is not the entirety of the system. There must be a technique to divert water away from your property, a way to waterproof the area, and a way to make the whole system robust and solid. The walls must be erected in conjunction with these features that are necessary for their continued safety. That is when turnkey retaining wall options become available. We use Concrete V-Ditches, Waterproofing, Backfill, Subdrains, and Drainage Devices as part of our retaining wall solutions. Our objective is to provide the ideal drainage solution for custom-engineered retaining walls. We use cutting-edge techniques to ensure the structure's endurance and durability on business and residential sites. Read More About Turnkey Retaining Wall Solutions »

Belgard Pavers

Whether you want to create a classic look on your patio or a contemporary look on your sidewalk, Belgard provides a variety of concrete interlocking pavers, including products that mimic brick and stone. We can assist you in creating a visually appealing pathway and driveway paver patterns. Our residential pavers are available in various styles, shapes, and colors, allowing you to add charm and personality to your outdoor spaces. Additionally, to their stylish appearance, Belgard's concrete pavers are resilient, environmentally friendly, and durable, guaranteeing that your patio, deck, driveway, or walkway will last a lifetime. It's easy to create a personalized and unique look in your outdoor areas using paver variants such as Aqua Roc, Avalon Slate, Cambridge Cobble, Catalina Grana, Dublin Cobble, Holland Stone, Lafitt Rustic Slab, and Melville Plank. While it is crucial to have high-quality products, experts also need superior masonry installations. We are here to help with material selection and high-quality installations. Read More About Belgard Pavers »


Columns are no longer just the basis of a structure. They now provide an air of elegance to any environment. This is particularly true if the pillars are constructed entirely of masonry. Columns were not created only for their visual appeal. They were created out of necessity — the requirement to hold the next floor's massive beams, roofing, and slabs. That is why, in addition to the elaborate ornamentation, they must be sturdy enough to bear the high load. Columns appear to be rigid, extended features constructed of concrete, bricks, stones, tiles, fiberglass, or even wood. However, the key to their power lies inside. They use robust steel bars that are almost impenetrable to even the most powerful quake. We can design and install architectural columns to your specifications, along with structural columns. We work with high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that you get high-quality solutions that meet your expectations. Read More About Columns »

Natural and Culture Stone

In California, either natural stone or manufactured stone are used for construction and decoration. Natural stone is weighty, making it challenging to employ in vertical applications. However, natural stones are ideal for pathways, driveways, and decks, among other uses. On the other hand, cultured stone is composed of lighter composite materials, making it simpler to install as a decorative façade, especially on wood frame constructions. And, despite its reduced weight, cultured stone retains a hard-stone-like surface. The best use for cultured stone is on the back wall of a free-standing fireplace or fire pit facings. This material is well-suited for outdoor living spaces, such as on-wall areas next to swimming pools. At the same time, natural stone is well-suited for poolscapes, patios, and other exterior surfaces. You can choose from materials that meet your needs, and our team will work to ensure that you get high-grade products to meet your cost requirements. Read More About Natural and Culture Stone »

Additional Services

Apart from typical hardscaping solutions, we also provide a variety of complementary services such as precast wall caps, fireplace surrounds, and columns, all of which are designed to improve the aesthetics of your property. Our precast wall cap installations enhance the beauty and safety of any wall. We provide striking entrance features that will instill pride in you as you promote your business in a highly professional way. The features we provide are tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. We can manufacture caissons and piles for any project you develop in California to achieve structural load balance. Brick and stone veneer are often employed to infuse a building with beauty, warmth, and distinction. By adding brick or stone veneer to your interiors or exteriors, we can help you create magnificent interiors and exteriors. Additionally, we provide steel fabrication, stucco work, and other services at competitive prices. Read More About Additional Services »

Equipment Rentals

We've been in business for more than 13 years and recognize that customers want to have various services available under one roof. That is why we maintain a state-of-the-art fleet of excavating and material handling equipment. Our operators get extensive education and training on specialized equipment and are monitored by our skilled Equipment and Safety Management Team. This crucial component contributes to a safer, lower-risk work environment for our clients. We rent out a range of equipment, including dump trucks, backhoes, water trailers, compactors, waterproofing equipment, and concrete pumps. Our company will guarantee that you have access to the necessary equipment for your building project. Additionally, you will discover that our high-quality equipment rentals are reasonably priced, providing you with exceptional value for money. Our staff will collaborate with you to fully understand your requirements, ensuring that you have the equipment you need when you want it. Read More About Equipment Rentals »


We provide comprehensive hardscape installation services for beautiful and model hardscapes. This service is now offered to our New Home Builder division and our Private Homeowner/Custom Home division. Our Home Builder Division works collaboratively with the builder to ensure the due diligence procedure for hardscape budgeting is completed successfully. We provide value engineering services that immediately result in cost savings and installation. We have a highly competent and experienced staff that manages residential projects. A highly skilled and experienced sales representative visits the site to provide a personalized, cost-effective hardscape solution. Our team will create the ideal hardscape design for your home, whether pavers, outdoor fireplaces, planters, or garden walls. You can choose from various styles and colors, including Aqua Roc, Avalon Slate, Cambridge Cobble, Catalina Grana, Dublin Cobble, Holland Stone, Lafitt Rustic Slab, and Melville Plank. While it is crucial to have high-quality products, experts also need superior masonry installations. We are here to help with material selection and long-lasting installations. Read More About Pavers »


We handle all wall design and installation aspects, using cutting-edge technology and the highest quality supplies available. It helps us ensure that our customers get the finest solutions possible within their budget. Our professionals design and arrange the walls per the structure's purpose and location. This approach helps create walls that are best suited to the landscape. In addition to ensuring robustness, we also focus on aesthetics as that helps enhance our client's property's curb appeal. Our team goes the extra mile to offer customized services and walls that are truly exceptional in every way. We adopt an efficient and time-managed approach to completing every project, from the ground up to completion. It helps us maximize competitive pricing while delivering on-budget services and quality performance. Our long track record proves that no other contractor builds better walls with skill, efficiency, and precision while meeting budget criteria. We build Proto II Wall Systems, Conventional Retaining Walls, Free Standing Walls, Garden Walls, Property Line Walls, Keystone Retaining Walls, and Structural Poured-in-Place Walls. Our company ensures that clients get turnkey retaining wall solutions, including installing Concrete V-Ditches, Backfill, Waterproofing, Drainage, and Subdrains. We use modern, proven products to ensure top-notch solutions for our clients. Read More About Walls »

Our company designs solutions to meet client needs while always keeping their budget in view. You will find that our team is knowledgeable and helpful and always on hand to provide recommendations and insights on products, materials, and design. At La Nina Landscape Inc., we assure you of the best services at affordable pricing. We have the skills needed to provide you with top-quality landscaping design, installation, and maintenance services in North Hollywood, CA. With us, you get all these services under a single roof. Our commitment to quality, using high-grade materials, and the latest masonry techniques offer our clients good value. We provide superior quality at the most competitive pricing. Whether you need new paved areas, retaining walls, or other masonry services, we can help. For more details call E. Rosen Construction Inc. at this number 805-777-1686 or, send us your queries via this Online Form.
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